Abnormalitys in psychology essay

Jerome Kagan raises concern about the reliability of these diagnoses.

Essay on Abnormal Psychology

This is a mood disorder which happens same time every year. The Greek physician Hippocrates, who is considered to be the father of Western medicine, played a major role in the biological tradition. Hence, they become anxious if they believe their preschool child shows signs of future academic difficulty.

By the time of the Greeks and Romans, mental illnesses were thought to be caused by an imbalance of the four humors, leading to draining of fluids from the brain. Failure to function adequately Abnormality can be defined as a failure to function adequately.

If people break these rules, then they are deviating away from social norms and therefore, could be labeled as abnormal. Medical model genetically believe that there are some link in causing psychological disorder, Example is when there are concordance studies to examine the role genetics play in disorder such as schizophrenia.

According to this model, abnormal behaviors are caused by demons, spirits, or the influences of moon, planets, and stars.

In some countries the norms that is the morals and beliefs, may be affected by some factors including religion, sexuality and gender.

Deviation from Ideal Mental Health Abnormality can be defined as a deviation from ideal mental health.

This therefore highlights that this may be difficult to use in defining abnormality. Only a small proportion display both symptoms.

These ideas of Hippocrates and his associates were later adopted by Galen, the Roman physician. Most people aim to cope with day-to-day living, therefore using this approach abnormality can be defined in terms of not being able to cope.

Therefore this definition cannot be accurately applied to all individuals. Is a chronic mental state were in their way of thinking are dysfunctional and destructive.

Controversial Topics in Abnormal Psychology

Because many do so, the proportion of severely abnormal children today is smaller than it was a century ago. For example, a person who has obsessive compulsive disorder of hand washing may find that the behaviour makes them cheerful, happy and better able to cope with their day to day activities.

One of the limitations to this approach is that most judgements are subjective and some of the 7 characteristics are unreliable. Behaviour may appear to deviate from social norms because it has been taken out of context, rather than being due to abnormality.

The limitation to this definition is that it is impossible for an individual to achieve all their goals [ideal characteristic] at all time. However this does not mean that it would be acceptable in other countries like the UK.

Because a diagnosis of ADHD, bipolar disorder, or autism allows parents to obtain special educational and therapeutic resources that would not be forthcoming if the child is called mentally retarded, incorrigible, or uninterested in academic progress, doctors are motivated to please the distraught parents who want to help their child.

It does not really define abnormality, it just determines the extent of a persons problems and the likelihood of them needing professional help. But the essay would focus more on the medical model and the different approaches used to define abnormality all have their focus point which is to distinguish between what is normal and abnormal.

This is not a wise strategy, and applying it to other disorders sounds absurd. Hippocrates and his associates wrote the Hippocratic Corpus between and BC, in which they suggested that abnormal behaviors can be treated like any other disease.

Psychology Abnormality

The medical model suggest that any psychological illness should be treated like any physical illness either caused by chemical imbalance or stress and should be treated either by surgery [electroconvulsive therapy],or drugs. At the moment, public and private agencies allocate more research funds for study of the biological rather than the psychological circumstances that underlie disorders.

The behavioural model sees abnormality as behaviour learnt through conditioning and it focus on reinforcing positive behaviours and not reinforcing maladaptive behaviours.

Some social norms are explicit, which means they are legal written laws. Hence this is makes this a limitation when using this approach because not everyone would be able to achieve the point about personal growth as stated by Rogers [] and Maslow [] who believed that abnormality is the result of a person not achieving their life goals.

This is a problem because it may lead to individuals being wrongly identified as abnormal.

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The prefrontal lobotomy which could have a nasty tendency to leave the patient vegetabilized or numb with a flat personality, shuffling movement. In general, abnormal psychology studies people who are consistently unable to adapt and function effectively in a variety of conditions.

This additional evidence would allow investigators and clinicians to parse the currently heterogeneous category of social anxiety disorder into those who do and those who do not possess the two biological features.

IB Psychology

Bouts of anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, sadness, depression, anger, and envy are inherent in the human condition because, after age two, humans can anticipate the distant future, possess a moral sense, and wish to regard the self as worthy and good.

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Critically, the social class in which the child is reared is far more predictive of future psychopathology than is a particular gene or type of behavior displayed at two years of age.Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

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The map is a good way of getting an overview of the whole site. Access pages directly from it by clicking on the relevant heading. Controversial Topics in Abnormal Psychology A psychological segment which deals to abnormal behavior and psychopathology is called Abnormal Psychology.

This term has broad meaning of variety of disorders from depression to sexual deviation and a lot more. By Jerome Kagan, Ph.D. As reports of childhood behavioral problems increase, Dr. Jerome Kagan raises concern about the reliability of these diagnoses.

The rapid rise may stem from children’s experiences and pressures on parents and physicians, he argues. Abnormality can be defined as a deviation from social norms This means that we label people as abnormal if their behaviour is different from what we accept as the norms of society.

Psychology This essay explores what is abnormality with respect to the different ways by which it can be defined such as statistical infrequency, deviation from social norms, failure to function adequately and deviating from ideal mental health and viewing their limitations and by using different models such as Psychodynamic, Cognitive.

Abnormalitys in psychology essay
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