Awareness on halal industry

In Islam, the animal must be slaughter properly according to Syariah only can be eaten by Muslim and considered Halal. The market share of Halal industry is about 6 trillion US dollars but a Pakistan share in this industry is very nominal.

This is clearly demonstrated in many verses of the Quran. Gen Z are generation of millennial and they are exposed widely to technology and media social. It is important to do that since the topic as earlier explained will attract many attention as Muslims population increase. This is an abomination.

But because of their lifestyle, they not are not aware to the halal-ness of the food. However, in stated that the process for halal certification of the food products is not complicated.

Even a drop of alcohol is haram and must be avoid by every Muslim. Finding Based on Awareness on halal industry review on the existing literature and the research done by previous researcher, we have summarized the findings on the awareness of gen-z towards halal food.

According to, Muslims regard foods and products with halal logo as permissible to be used or consumed in accordant with Islamic law. However, health reason is the most contributing predictor of level of halal awareness. Halal and Haram In Islamic law, Muslims stress on the importance of the permissibility of sources of food to be consumed.

Besides, eating of haram materials and using it as an adulterant or additives in food products are also forbidden. Please leave this blank: Halal Research Council is honored to serve Halal foods and non-food market all over the world.

Halal Food Halal food market exists wherever there are Muslim consumers whose tastes and preferences are governed by halal rules on food specification. Halal Challenge Marketing problems are actually closely related to many reasons. Under a Creative Commons license Abstract The concept of halal products or foods is now gaining a worldwide discussion due to its recognition as an alternative benchmark for safety, hygiene and quality assurance of what we consume or drink daily.


Apart from the lack of awareness in obtaining halal certification, most of halal food small entrepreneurs are lacking of knowledge about the registration requirements for intellectual property ownership.

Press Release Lahore - Halal Research Council HRC Lahore, Pakistan is pleased to organize a roadshow on the Halal Industry from 1st October, and passing throughout the major cities of Pakistan for conducting the awakening seminars, workshops on Halal industry and complete the journey on 31st October, at Karachi.

Halal principles are not isolated to the religious only but appeal as healthy and hygienic cuisine style as people become more health-conscious. They chose to eat halal food due to the perception that it is a healthy choice. Many restaurants and food products in Malaysia produced by non-Muslim.

For further Details about Halal RC, please visit: Suggestion for Future Research source from http: It will also help to highlight the Halal standards and procedures of Halal certification keeping in view the trade opportunities.

So, you all are requested to play your role by supporting, promoting and participating in this event to get familiar with the concept in detail to avail the opportunities in this field.

Riaz argues that there are very few labels on food items in grocery stores that indicate whether the food product is halal for Muslim consumption or not.This study focus on the issues and challenges of halal food industry implementation in Malaysia.

Conflict to decide the halal-ness of the product is a new concept worth being discuss in the context of halal food implementation and certification. Other issue is the usage of Halal certification logo toward industry, rectify halal-ness have also been extensively reviewed.

Nationwide Awareness Roadshow on Halal Industry by Halal Research Council

Understanding Mechanisms to Promote Halal Industry-The Stakeholders’ Views ☆ Author links open overlay panel Rahimah Mohamed Yunos a Che Faridah Che Mahmood b. Halal Market - Global Halal Industry Size, Share, Analysis And Research Report, Lack of awareness has resulted in low penetration of the sector over the past few years.

Nonetheless, countries such as Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Iran are expected to enter the global market thereby exploiting the untapped potential of the. People's Awareness on Halal Foods and Products: Potential Issues for Policy-makers ☆ Author links open overlay panel Abdul Raufu Ambali a b Ahmad Naqiyuddin Bakar a b c Show more.

Business Opportunities in Halal Industry. Halal Key Drivers of Growth 3 USD 2 trillion 1. Sizeable and growing Muslim population 2. Growing economic development in Muslim income as well as increase in Halal awareness; Traded Halal products, especially meat. Halal Industry Awareness Program is designed to introduce the meaning of Halal and segments related to Halal product and services available not only in Malaysia but also global.

The one day program will introduce participants to the terminology related to Halal products and services and the importance of Halal product and services for the.

Awareness on halal industry
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