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Knots can be easily untied. All three of these poems use different techniques to convey how they saw memory and the past. The writing becomes more personal and human, noticing the flowers and candle by the bed.

However, the second stanza is in the present tense. The alliteration highlights her fear for her son as she tries Catrin essay example protect him as she is afraid to lose him.

Morning song and catrin comparison essay

The lines that came before were a description of Catrin, and what mother and daughter were feeling, and the change in focus from description to action. Similarly, the structure of the poems also helps show how the poet is thinking. In the first stanza the mother is looking back through her memories and remembering the labour of her child.

The effect this has on the readier is drawing us into the poem as if we are the daughter, and it is us that she is speaking to, drawing you into the poem also helps build up an image in your mind. I think Clarke uses so much emphasis on the hospital building because this is a very important day in her life and the hospital is where she wants to be, and will probably be one of the happiest and weirdest day to remember.

In the fifth stanza, the image is very inhuman. The clothing imagery illustrates that the women meant hardly anything to the man.

Comparing Digging, Mid-Term Break and Catrin Essay

He writes in a sort of third person — saying what happened to him and this really adds to the feeling of isolation. They all use different techniques to do this, and I find that Mid-Term break gives its message the most effectively.

All of the poems are about regret and isolation. The violence portrays the conflict between the mother and the child. To continue the comparison, all three poems use contrast.

Mid-term Break uses this effect very well and separates the final line from the rest to make it stand out more. The war imagery allows the reader to see the household as a battle field where the two opposing forces clash with each other repeatedly.

But overall I would say the Mid-term Break is the most effective. In the poems the conflict is based on the relationships between families.

This suggests that a struggle is still going on after about 13 years and that their love is still as deep and complex as ever. The rope is a metaphorical tie between the mother and daughter which connects the two, despite their differences.

This makes the reader even more surprised by the last line — the revelation that the brother was four. Personal pronouns are used in both poems to involve the reader. In Digging, the acts of digging and of writing are contrasted. This gives a strong ending to the poem, and shows that Clarke is wondering why her beautiful baby had to become a teenager.

Comparing poems: “Cousin Kate” and “Catrin”

This shows that the bond formed at birth is still strong, and runs deeper then emotions. The poem begins in the labour ward of the hospital: This time the reader is put in the place of the child who again gives the reader a personal connection to the mother and the poem.

In the first stanza, this is literal- the umbilical cord holds mother and child together, and they are fighting against it to be free.

Stanza one shows the past, when Catrin was being born, and the second shows the present were they are arguing. Finally, the poet herself can be compared from the childbirth in the first stanza, to the second stanza.

Clarke is writing about her own relationship with her daughter. The use of contrast in the poems makes the reader think about the objects being compared. Catrin is made up of short lines divided into two stanzas.

In the first, she is trying to break apart from Catrin, however in the end she wants to pull back together. Mid-Term Break uses a constant three lines in each stanza. He no longer feels guilty. It is said in quite a shocking way with the connection of length and how young he was.

”Catrin” and ”Baby-sitting” by Gillian Clarke Essay Sample

It gives more information about what is happening and how it affects normal people, their emotions and actions. This, combines with the shock and sadness the poet was obviously feeling at the time, and gives the reader great empathy for him. Then I will compare and contrast how both poets language choice represents their thoughts and feeling towards motherhood.

Using long and short stanzas is effective because it allows a strong effect to be given with one stanza by making it short, and more detail- reflection on the thought, perhaps, with another, longer one.Below is an essay on "Catr" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Comparing 'Catrin' and 'This Be The Verse' In both poems, there is present many difference and many similarities between them. Explore how Gillian Clarke and Charles Causley present the relationship between a parent and child in ‘Catrin’ and ‘What has happened to Lulu?’.

This is similar to ‘Catrin’, where the entirety of the poem is focused on distances between mother and daughter and their separation. The theme of separation is made very apparent where Clarke states ‘we shouted, to be two, to be ourselves’, as it infers that mother and daughter were fighting to regain their own separate identities.

Comparing Digging, Mid-Term Break and Catrin - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample Like most of Seamus Heaney and Gillian Clarke Poems Mid-Term Break, Digging (both by Heaney) and Catrin (Clarke) are about family relations.

”Catrin” and ”Baby-sitting” by Gillian Clarke Essay Sample ‘Catrin’ and ‘Baby-sitting’ are both written by the poet Gillian Clarke. ‘Catrin’ is a poem with a much softer tone, represented in the long sentences and the calm atmosphere it creates when reflecting back.

However, in “Cousin Kate”, the conflict is also in the class divide of a powerful lord and a poor maiden who I s controlled and abused by the lord. “Catrin” focuses on the bond between a mother and daughter and the conflict that relationship brings.

Catrin essay example
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