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More Information The July Experience at Davidson College Davidson College, one of the top liberal arts schools in the country, offers high school students the opportunity to spend most of the month of July on the Davidson campus in order to experience life as a college student while padding their college application with courses from a school like Davidson.

New York Arts-minded high school students might recognize Parsons as one of the foremost names in the art school world. Prints are a combination of painting and etching using wood blocks or other materials to transfer an image to another medium, such as vinyl, plastic or canvas.

The program includes courses in a variety of College art projects, and students have the option of participating online, or in Savannah, Atlanta, or even Hong Kong.

Paint, photos, clay, wood or wax, there are many ideas for college art projects to inspire and encourage students on their way to graduation. Four weeks Specific Subjects: Landscapes, architecture seen through various perspectives, scenery switched up to surprise the viewer and people in repose are a few ideas for a photography college art project that can get noticed.

Art theme ideas for painters include political takes on hot topic issues, horticulture or agriculture or landscapes. Students will immerse themselves in Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, and other Shakespeare classics with the goal of analyzing the transformation from script to stage.

Not only does the program introduce students to life at a real school of the arts, it also makes for the perfect opportunity to build a solid portfolio under the guidance of industry professionals.

Varies More Information Pre-College Experience at Emory University For those wishing to obtain a little taste of the college experience, there may be no better choice of summer program than the one offered by Emory University. Three weeks Specific Subjects: Students live on campus in dormitories, and spend their days attending intensive classes, gaining valuable insights from faculty and industry professionals, and of course, building their portfolio with plenty of studio time.

More than 22 art-related subjects How Much: Five weeks Specific Subjects: For those so inclined, Parsons operates a similar program in Paris. Artists can build multimedia 3-D displays or installations using video equipment tools, graphics generators and photo editors.

Music, Literature, and more How Much: Why Try Something New Students who excel with oil painting may try their hand at engraving to flex their artistic muscles. Sculpting a statement or scene out of stone, clay, glass or metal makes for magical art projects that last long after the first exhibit and final course score.

Students can choose to immerse themselves into one of those topics for an intensive summer of learning and growing as an artist. Students choose between an extensive list of disciplines, then spend five weeks learning from industry professionals, creating a portfolio, and exhibiting their work at galleries and studios.

Her full bio and clips can be seen at www. Program length, credit or no credit, specific subjects — you can choose all of it. Examples of Art Projects Art project ideas for college students include everything from painting to engraving and sculpting and more.

Graphic Design Inspiration: 46 International Design Projects With Gusto

Six weeks Specific Subjects: Take a look at what interests you, what you are best at and incorporate your interests into a new art form. Technology Aspects of Art Projects Combining different mediums such as paint or paper mache with art that uses technology can bring inspiration to an artist.Senior Project in Photography is the capstone course for those pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts track in photography.

Students propose a project to be developed over the semester under the guidance of a.

50 Best Pre-College Summer Arts Programs for High School Students

Make fun collage art projects by tying it into something familiar. This pizza project does double duty as it reviews shapes and can accompany a food unit theme.

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I’m declaring it pizza week for my students, as the kinder and first grade are making these larger 8″ pizzas, and the rest are making 4″. ART Three-Dimensional Design The Three-Dimensional Design studio introduces students to the fundamentals of object making in form and space.


Students learn to use a variety of materials—such as paper, wood, plaster, and found objects—to engage in projects that explore the relationships between line, spatial organization, surface, mass.

Being prepared for the final art piece to be showcased in college is key to expanding your experience in the art courses you are taking. Examples of art projects abound online. By using a medium you. College Art.

The Best College Art Projects

Follow your passion and express your creativity by taking a college level art class at LaGuardia. Special projects and a final portfolio are required. You must bring your own 35mm camera with a single lens reflex (SLR)/interchangeable 50mm lens.

MISSION: Oregon College of Art and Craft is dedicated to Craft as the creative material practice at the core of art and design. OCAC's mentor-based learning community fosters self-reliant, entrepreneurial, globally conscious, critical and innovative makers.

College art projects
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