Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation in two different organizations

With targets, businesses are able to evaluate actual performance against the projected targets and analyze the causes of any variation. These skill developments of employees will lead for quality service and finally it will hold to gain the competitive advantage thorough available resources Wilson and Gilligan, A Practical Roadmap to Success, J.

But, organizational structure is not sufficient in itself to motivate the employees. An organizational control system is also required. According to the interactive price and quality, strategies the TNT will have to provide best price and quality for their customers.

These interactive strategies can be monitored by the suitability criteria. The aim of the TNT is to make superior profit and performance. Weaknesses Being a well established organization and as an organization, which maintains a healthy organizational environment, well planned strategies, missions, visions and objectives, TNT can be considered as an organization with a minimum amount of weaknesses.

Employees need to understand which duties and responsibilities will continue as normal and which ones will change. TNT has identified those areas as strategy gaps of the organisation. If the organisation is more turbulent and complex the coordination planning is applicable.

This basically happens because of the lack of involvement for the strategic planning of employees. According to this definition, the strategy has long-term direction of achieving organisational goals. These interactive strategies will be the future strategic directions of the TNT.

Under this role, it is expected that all people in the organisation be committed to the strategy. In this section of the assignment, the focus is the same. Excellently formulated strategies will fail if they are not properly implemented.

Because the implementation process has the potential to impact a wide range of duties and responsibilities, employees need to have a thorough understanding of their responsibilities during the process and afterward.

As discussed above the TNT should implement interactive strategies to face to the future competition of the industry. For instance, if Starbucks strategizes expanding to China and India in the following two years, a well laid out timescale of activities could help achieve the strategy.

To identify people, groups, and institutions that will influence the actions of the organization either positively or negatively To anticipate the kind of influence, positive or negative, these groups will have on the organization To develop strategies to get the most effective support possible for the organization and to reduce any obstacles for the successful operations of the organization Many scholars have pointed out the importance of doing a stakeholder analysis.

Further, feasibility can be used as to check the targets of the implemented strategies. Thus, TNT should follow interactive strategies as it future strategies. This technique is also more applicable to a large organization, which has more complex organizational environment.

Legal factors vary from country to country. For this kind of organization, the strategic planning is more important.

TNT has many core competencies and it has led to achieve the competitive advantage through available resources. Merger is the combination of two previously separate organizations, typically as more or less equal partners Johnson et al, These remedial actions are taken at the stage of the inefficiency, economic recession, or strong competition.

For instance, a change in reporting requirements in another department may require employees to provide data in a different fashion.

What Are the Roles of an Employee in the Implementation Process?

The strategic implementation is highly involved with the organisational change. Starbucks Strategy implementation involves a wide range of individuals. Core competencies differentiate the organisation from its competitors. These people should be motivated to follow the strategy and should be empowered to deliver the change.

This role involve with clear communicating the strategy to internal and external party. Acceptability criterion can be used to monitor whether implemented strategy meet the expectations of stakeholders. Under this method, the organizational environment is extensively analyzed. The physical resources are consisted with production resources, finance resources and marketing resources which need for implementing interactive strategies at TNT.

Most of strategies are planned by the corporate planning department or by the senior management. Ross Publishing Sadler, P.

Organisational goals and aims can be identified as similar concepts.Strategy implementation is the translation of chosen strategy into organizational action so as to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

Strategy Implementation - Meaning and Steps in Implementing a Strategy

Strategy implementation is also defined as the manner in which an organization should develop, utilize, and amalgamate organizational structure, control systems, and culture to follow strategies that lead to.

Strat ch 8 study guide by Abadate includes 63 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. The senior executive in an M-form organization has two responsibilities: strategy formulation and strategy implementation.

True. When compared to the strategy implementation responsibilities of senior executives in U-form organizations. The Roles And Responsibilities For Strategy Implementation Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation.

Nestle can use maximize resources of company.1 Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation in two different organizations (Nestle against its nearest competitor) Each company has different strategies for their business activities.

this is a good 1/5(1). Business Strategy - 1 1. The process of strategic planning Merger is the combination of two previously separate organizations, typically as more or less equal partners (Johnson et al, ).

the focus is the same. Thus, roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation is compared, resources requirements and also targets and.

Strategy Implementation – Comparison of roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation Various individuals within the organization ladder are involved in strategy implementation. Such roles and responsibilities are considered below for Starbucks and McDonalds are compared here.

Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation in two different organizations
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