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In the midst of what seemed to be a tropical paradise, there were multitudes of greenery, lush foliage that looked like they were painted on. Write a description of your first impressions of the place and its people. I started to regain my sight as my eyelids gradually lifted.

My episode never Descriptive essay deserted island, but three weeks later I got a restraining order through the mail from the cameraman. An orchestra Descriptive essay deserted island birds chirped harmoniously to a melody that soothed the ears of a person, the leaves rustled softly in the breeze as they fell and fluttered like snowflakes.

I jogged lightly towards them, eager to meet them.

There were humans living in this place that seemed like a dreamed paradise, how fortunate for them to live in such a place, I whispered to myself. The colours of the sky blended perfectly with the colours of the scenery.

The leaves of the trees rustled when the wind blew gently, bringing with it a feeling of peace and tranquility. I want to know if I should write argumentative, descriptive or narrative for the composition part.

I rested my eyelids and instantly, my ears could pick up the unnoticeable sounds of nature. Continuing through the woods, the smells of fruits attacked senses overwhelmed with hunger. It felt like a dream world. Greenery spread out all around the island, with patches of different coloured flowers that grew among bushes occasionally.

From a distant, I heard the sounds of words being said, though I could not make out what the words were. All around me was evidence of the beauty that God had provided before man became involved. Tiny figures from afar were nearing towards my direction.

When I finally found the banana tree, trembling hands almost prevented me from peeling one. As I placed one foot out from my wooden boat, and the next foot out, my feet decided to plant itself into the sand.

As they spoke, they were filled with energy and liveliness, their personalities made one feel like a part of their family.

The smiles and excitement on their faces were welcoming and inviting, as if they had known me for ages.

Without a word, or explanation, I quickly pounced on him and started clawing. Deserted Island Essay Waking up from the devastating shipwreck, I found myself on what seemed to be a deserted island. Its ineffable beauty was like a masterpiece painted by Picasso that came to life, lying right in front of my eyes.

The stream of dark, glossy waves falling over my shoulder swayed to one side as the gentle breeze blew. Just as I arrived, it so happened the sky began to glow as the flaming orb rose from the horizon and ignited the sky, causing it to burst into a bright, passionate mix of scarlet and yellow.

I dragged myself up the sandy beach and stood back to observe the island that offered me a safe haven. They sent me home on the first flight out Descriptive essay deserted island that "deserted island" as I highly suggested to them. At that point, the possibility of survival became very real indeed.

Beautiful flowers in reds, yellows, purples, and pinks lounged happily along the banks of small streams running perkily through the trees. You look kind of sick," the cameraman said.

The sounds of the birds brought freedom and happiness to mind. In a distant, was a majestic waterfall that looked like a sheet of blue velour swishing down, its edges hemmed with whipped-white lines. Quickly bending over the small stream to quench the unbearable thirst, the water washed down the delicious fruit.

The calming, repetitive sounds of the lapping waves came together in gently, a hypnotic melody, casting a spell of serene tranquillity over the mesmerizing scene. The feeling of the sand in between my toes reminded me of my childhood where I spent a reasonable amount of time at the beach.

Your feedbacks will be much appreciated Descriptive Writing You arrive on an island. As I was finally able to take control of my body, I walked towards the island, with my feet brushing against the silky, smooth sand.

She says its easier to score in descriptive than argumentative. My mouth was watering and desperate for the taste and feel of the fruit. Nowhere was there any sign of fear; they had obviously not experienced the destruction that man could cause.

There was a soft shuffle in the bush behind me; I whipped my head around to see if there was any threat of danger to find myself face to face with a camera lens.A deserted island might be an amazing, beautiful place that you might not want to leave.

On the other hand, it could be a dark, dangerous, or lonely place that has you yearning for home. In this assignment, we want you think consider both options: an island as a dream come true and an island as a nightmare.

Stranded on a Desert Island essaysIf I were stranded on a deserted island, I would want to be stranded there with Aragorn from "The Lord of the Rings." He is very resourceful and would be able to assist me with survival. He knows what to do if I would happen to get sick and could help me.

College Admissions Essay: Dilemma of the Deserted Island Free Descriptive Essay About A Place] Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. The Island of Jamaica - The Island of Jamaica The island of Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island.

It is in a group of islands called the greater antilles.

Deserted island My name is Lisa. This year I’m thirteen years old. I live in Queenstown, New Zealand. My house is a villa near the sea because my parents like sea, and. A few days ago in the middle of the ocean and crashed my ship on a rock and floated to a deserted island.

The only thing I had to eat is coconuts off the palm trees.3/5(2). A Beautiful Island essaysFor many people, the land in America is the only thing they find to be beautiful in this world. But as a young adult I have already left the country to find many eye opening sights beyond the land of the United States.

To me, the most beautiful place I have ever been was th.

Descriptive essay deserted island
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