Difference between editorial writing and column writing in newspapers

Feature is a non-news article giving background information on certain prominent events or personality in the news. Columns are not as colorful as features are. Editorial has no name while feature usually carries the name of the writer. Another characteristic of a news article is that it should not have any judgment or remarks from the author or the creator of the story as it is based upon real life facts and situations.

Columns can be divided in the following major types and classifications: There are differences in format and also content of an editorial and a simple article. Alternate evidence may have occurred to you, or the line of your argument may have shifted somewhat. Such columns also may emanate from those who have special place in public like politician, super stars etc.

The writer tries to find the humorous aspect in life and write an article that will amuse reader. The current news events are presented by relating to the past information and projecting future perspective. Column is the creative expression covering all fields of journalism.

Columns can be written in first person but features are written in objective form rather than subjective form.

Try to arrange the points so that they form a persuasive and coherent argument.

Posted by King saab at It also contains personal opinion of the writer, which is not welcomed in other form of news story writing. Generate ideas You need to assemble ideas. However, there is also an article by the name of editorial in all newspapers. These columns also spotlight on an event more clearly than thousands of words of explanation.

There are also feature articles that carry information on any event that are still fresh in the memories of the readers.

The reporter writes what he sees, but the feature writer relates not only what he sees but also the causes or background of the story.

Relevance At all stages, you should keep the question in mind. The task of writing is usually much easier if you create a set of notes which outline the points you are going to make.

Column has one headline or highlight but feature has many.

Feature Writing:

Put down anything you think of at this stage. Choosing topics Extract from your brainstorm listings those topics and points of argument, which are of greatest relevance to the question and its central issue? We are living in the age of information and pay to read news articles and not the opinions of the editorial staff on every event or personality.

These might be topics, ideas, observations, or instances from your study materials. The product of their observation and research is a news article, which intends to inform readers.

Features are usually evolved from news while news are evolved from happenings of daily life. It provides guidance as well as entertainment to all the readers including those who are already well aware of the facts and figures of the subject.

Reporting the News News reporters gather factual information, explains a guide by "The Boston Globe" newspaper.

Make a note of anything, which might be relevant to your answer. Classification of Editorials Editorials can be classified on the basis of functions as follows: Different papers often express a viewpoint, but this is usually done by choosing which stories to cover and which information to present; a news article typically does not come right out and express opinion.

Finalize essay plan The structure of most features plans can be summarized as Introduction — Arguments — Conclusion.

Analyze the question Make sure you understand what the question is asking for. Features cover all the underlying causes as well as the background of the news story. What is the difference between Editorial and Article?

It is an attempt to influence the thinking of the people. Columns are considered very useful piece of material, which is flexible enough to fit in at various placed.What Is the Difference Between an Editorial & a Letter to the Editor?

How to Write an Analysis on an Editorial How to Make a Paper Look Like a Newspaper in Microsoft Office Well, writing a column is a form of opinion writing. A column generally expresses one individual’s point of view. It can be very serious, or humorous, or anything in between.

It’s not unlike a blog post. Some columnists have specific topics that t. There have been a few questions raised about editorials in this newspaper so we thought we’d try our best to explain the difference between an editorial and a personal column. Here’s the dictionary definition of an editorial: “an article in a newspaper or other periodical presenting the.

Editorial vs Article There are many different types of writings in a newspaper.

What Is the Difference Between an Editorial & a Newspaper Article?

A reporter writing about an event or presenting a news story is a common type of articles that we encounter daily in any newspaper. There can be articles on personalities, companies, events, discoveries and inventions, new gadgets in the market, and [ ].

An editorial is a piece of writing usually written by the editor or senior staff at a magazine/newspaper/regular newsletter. It usually encompasses the beliefs of the paper/magazine as a whole. A column is a piece written on the same subject but by a person who specifically writes only that column, think of the Agony Aunt pages in some papers.

Difference between feature and a column or Differentiate editorial and feature, column and feature, news and feature. EDITORIAL AND FEATURE 1. Editorial is a writing printed on a specific place of the paper with a daily routine and it carries views, analysis and comments.

Feature is neither printed on daily basis nor it has any specific place.

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Difference between editorial writing and column writing in newspapers
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