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Both of these plays portray representations of the highest calibre of Australian youth culture. However Blackrock does offer a true representation of mateship and how one would act under immense pressure.

Enright uses authentic and raw Australian characters to reveal inherent patriarchal attitudes towards women and the problems with a society that promotes sexual double standards. We were watching Essay black rock young man trying heroically to breach the chasm that separated him from his greater and better self.

Ricko, ill-equipped to cope, suicides in his cell. The play could end there, but it does not. At the beginning of the play, they live alone together and appear to be getting along well. Jared is the only witness to the brutal rape, and is Essay black rock by his inability to intervene and his later indecision over what to do.

The male youths also seem somewhat apathetic in relation to life and living in relation to the murder of Tracey Warner. He cannot tell her anything of his dilemma, and she cannot tell him of her cancer.

After much research, a play for four actors was written and performed. The thematic relevance, human context, dramatic form and language of the plays contents relates directly to the Festivals rationale and are unique to Australia.

Davis offers an intrepid representation of the human context through intertwining interrelationships, dramatic form and language which culminates to form an accurate depiction of Australian youth.

It is an ending that offers hope, a glimpse of a world in which good boys turn into good men, and in which good people are unafraid to intervene when hatred appears. Tiffany has a use-by date.

Comparative Analysis of ‘Blackrock” – Nick Enright and “Blurred” Stephen Davis Essay Sample

We are left with Cherie, alone on stage. He says, I let it all happen. Teenage rebellion against societal norms and conformity is also apparent. One of the forces the play highlights is that of gender division. This concern grows stronger later when we learn that Toby participates in the gang rape of Tracy, and Jared also being involved, he is expecting Ricko to cover for him.

Black rock, Nick Enright

This was the first film role for Bruels, whose only previous experience involved an anti-alcohol commercial and stints on Home And Away and Spellbinder.

But, perhaps more than that, the real events that inspired the play hold a particular meaning for me. Bruels jarred went on a holiday to India to help prepare him emotionally for the character.

I could have gone down there. Ricko wants things to be as they were. Jared, along with others less equipped for the fight, battles with a world that refuses to remain fixed, that rejects the assigned roles. The action is telling enough, but Tiffany leaves the scenes looking almost as if she is bloodied.An Analysis of the Black Rock Play by Nick Enright PAGES 2.

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Review of the Play Black Rock

Review of the Play Black Rock. Review of the Play "Black Rock" Based on the stage play by Nick Enright (Lorenzo's Oil, etc), this provocative and topical film is gut wrenching stuff examining the devastating impact a brutal rape and shocking murder has on a small NSW coastal community.

Comparative Analysis of ‘Blackrock” – Nick Enright and “Blurred” Stephen Davis Essay Sample. The first of two plays that has been considered for selection in upcoming International Theatre for Young People’s Festival soon to be held in Vancouver, Canada is “Blackrock” by the late Nick Enright.

Black rock essay Introduction: Steven vidler, director of Blackrock use a number of cinematic techniques to the theme of risk. Teenagers are notorious for risk tasking behaviour which can have devastating consequence for the future.

Blackrock Essay Essay Sample Blackrock, a playwright written by Nick Enright is a morally flawed performance and tests the boundaries on ethical behaviour. The reader is able to explore the themes of mateship, the marginalising of genders and. Black rock, Nick Enright Essay Words | 4 Pages Today I’ll be talking about the play “Blackrock” that I’ve been studying in class this term, the purpose of this speech is to make us think how Australian drama challenges us to think about Australian culture and identity, and the impacts it can have on us as person and as a community.

Essay black rock
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