Facts on the ptolemaic dynasty

They captured the fortified cities in the land of Egypt, and he plundered the land of Egypt.

Ptolemaic Kingdom

When summoned to meet the Roman Triumvir in Tarsus, she is said to have arrived on a golden barge adorned with purple sails and rowed by oars made of silver. They became lovers, and she bore him a son, Caesarion. What made Facts on the ptolemaic dynasty Ptolemaic dynasty unique was that they allowed women to rule either alone or as coregent with their husbands.

Cleopatra had been made up to look like the goddess Aphrodite, and she sat beneath a gilded canopy while attendants dressed as cupids fanned her and burned sweet-smelling incense. Facing certain death at the hands of OctavianAntony attempted suicide by falling on his own sword. She had a hand in the deaths of three of her siblings.

These sordid dynastic quarrels left Egypt so weakened that the country became a de facto protectorate of Rome, which had by now absorbed most of the Greek world. He was lynched by the Alexandrian mob after murdering his stepmother, who was also his cousin, aunt and wife.

Once he reached adulthood Epiphanes became a tyrant, before his early death in BC. During the rule of the later Ptolemies, Rome gained more and more power over Egypt, and was eventually declared guardian of the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

After his death, Cleopatra and her younger brother inherited the throne, but their relationship soon degenerated. Medical analysis Members of the Ptolemaic dynasty were described as extremely obese. Cleopatra knew how to make an entrance. Several queens exercised royal authority, but the most famous and successful was Cleopatra VII 51—30 BCwith her two brothers and her son as successive nominal co-rulers.

It was the most expensive movie ever made at the time of its release, and nearly bankrupted its studio despite raking in a fortune at the box office. Nevertheless, his ministers were able to make serious preparations to meet the attacks of Antiochus III the Great on Coele-Syria, and the great Egyptian victory of Raphia in BC secured the kingdom.

Their union produced three children; the twins Cleopatra Selene and Alexander Heliosand another son, Ptolemy Philadelphos.

Branded a power-hungry enchantress by the Romans, she was accused of seducing Antony to further her conquest of Rome. Legend and numerous ancient sources claim that she died by way of the venomous bite of an aspthough others state that she used poison, or that Octavian ordered her death himself.

Cleopatra regained the upper hand by teaming with Julius Caesar, and Ptolemy drowned in the Nile River after being defeated in battle.

In his will Antony expressed his desire to be buried in Alexandria, rather than taken to Rome in the event of his death, which Octavian used against Antony, sowing further dissent in the Roman populace.

Find out more now! He was succeeded by his infant son Ptolemy VI Philometor. The Macedonian rulers used the Egyptian religion and culture to legitimize their rule over the territory. She reigned as queen "philopator" and pharaoh with various male co-regents from 51 to 30 BC when she died at the age of Cleopatra first began her legendary love affair with the Roman general Mark Antony in 41 B.

A film about her was one of the most expensive movies of all time. Cleopatra joined Julius Caesar in Rome beginning in 46 B. Octavian waited for a year before he claimed Egypt as a Roman province. Final years of the empire[ edit ] Main article: After this defeat Egypt formed an alliance with the rising power in the Mediterranean, Rome.

But Euergetes soon returned, killed his young nephew, seized the throne and as Ptolemy VIII soon proved himself a cruel tyrant. Cleopatra eventually married Mark Antony and had three children with him, but their relationship also spawned a massive scandal in Rome.

They allowed the native Egyptians freedom to worship their own gods and styled themselves as gods after the Egyptian practice.

However, he successfully established his authority in BC. Although he had an unborn child by his wife Roxana, his empire, which spanned from Greece to the borders of India, were divided among his trusted generals diadochi: The conflict reached its climax the following year in a famous naval battle at Actium.

Gallery of images Ptolemy of Macedon founded the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Antony—who considered himself the embodiment of the Greek god Dionysus—was instantly enchanted. Through her offspring the Ptolemaic line intermarried back into the Roman nobility.

The battle soon devolved into a rout, and Cleopatra and Antony were forced to break through the Roman line and flee to Egypt.

Ptolemaic Dynasty

She led a fleet in a naval battle. With this condition, then thyroiditis, obesity and ocular proptosis can all occur at the same time.The Ptolemaic dynasty, also known as the Lagids or Lagidae, was a Macedonian Greek royal family who ruled over Egypt. Their rule lasted for years, from BC to 30 BC.

They were the last dynasty of ancient Egypt. Ptolemy, was one of Alexander the Great's generals and deputies. He was. The Ptolemaic dynasty continued to rule Egypt until it became a Roman province in 30 BC.

The last monarch from the Ptolemaic dynasty was Cleopatra VII, who died from a bite from an asp after Octavian (Augustus) defeated her and her lover, Mark Antony. Other articles where Ptolemaic dynasty is discussed: ancient Egypt: The Ptolemaic dynasty: Until the day when he openly assumed an independent kingship as Ptolemy I Soter, on November 7, bce, Ptolemy used only the title satrap of Egypt, but the great hieroglyphic Satrap stela, which he had inscribed in bce, indicates a degree.

Ptolemy VIII - one of the more sinister members of this dynasty, married his sister, his niece, and murdered his son! This is a tetradrachm of Ptolemy VIII Physcon, from.

The Ptolemaic Kingdom was founded in BC by Ptolemy I Soter, who declared himself pharaoh of Egypt and created a powerful Hellenistic dynasty that ruled an area stretching from southern Syria to Cyrene and south to Nubia.

The Ptolemaic dynasty controlled Egypt for almost three centuries ( – 30 BCE), eventually falling to the Romans. Oddly, while they.

Facts on the ptolemaic dynasty
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