Indian in the cupboard writing activities

I would have gotten a fascinating report on horses from Princess, including song and dance. What toys would you try to bring to life in the cupboard? These were made using sugar cones and dipping them in candy coating and then rolling it in sprinkles again. Accentuated Reading One great way to enhance the desire for reading is with activities to accompany the text.

The goal is to make the toy look like something brand-new and exciting. I dipped one end in chocolate to simulate the arrowhead, and the other end was dipped in candy coating and rolled in sprinkles to simulate the fletching.

What is the danger of bringing Boone and Little Bear alive?

Free Indian in the Cupboard Activities

Popular crafts include building a teepee, longhouse, cupboard, or western village. We made arrows out of pretzel rods. Four options range from historical recipes to exploring Iroquois culture.

For example, a broken car should become anything other than a car and board game pieces can be used to create an action figure.

Was this page useful? Once the new toy is finished, kids can present it to the group using their marketing pitch. Batman would probably have studied about the Iroquois because he loves to learn.

Indian in the Cupboard Activities

Activities are inspired by actual projects Omri completes in the book such as building housing for Little Bear. When Patrick gives Omri the Indian, he makes a brief speech about why the toy is cool even though he is happy to give it away.

Nutty Bars stacked in a vaguely longhouse style very vaguely. This should be an inspiration for the pitches made by participants.

Where to Find Other Activities Typical activities related to this story include explorations of Iroquois, English, and Western cultures. Mainly because I think it looks more like a Greek temple. A few great websites with activities related to the book include: Miscellaneous craft supplies such as fabric scraps, glitter, and pipe cleaners Directions Give each child one old or broken toy and challenge them to use the materials provided to make the toy desirable to others.

The Indian in the Cupboard activities provided can be both educational and fun.

The Indian in the Cupboard {Questions & Reading/Writing Activities}

Indian in the Cupboard activities around the Web. After the toy has been revived, children should prepare a brief marketing pitch about this new toy and why everyone should want to have it. The moral of the story will be reinforced by the additional examination of important story elements through crafts and games.

Kids must re-imagine and remake their toy into something unrecognizable from the original. Superman would probably have built something. I had the kids make the same craft Omri did in the book, make a tee-pee, and then I added in make a longhouse in addition.

This is probably our snack that disappeared the quickest, well this and the arrows. The site offers three activities including writing exercises and a game.We used 'The Indian in the Cupboard' by Lynne Reid Banks as the basis of a story writing English Unit.

The first week of the unit, we looked at how authors show a character's emotions through their use of verbs, rather than just stating how the character /5(4). notebook and game activities covering vocabulary, constructive response writing, and skill practice.

I hope your students enjoy a book study using the engaging method of using interactive notebooks. The Indian in the Cupboard The Indian in the Cupboard is told mostly from the. The Indian in the Cupboard is an enchanting novel about a boy named Omri who receives an old white medicine cabinet on his ninth birthday.

The adventures begin when Omri places a plastic toy American Indian inside the cabinet and turns a 4/5(45). Study questions, vocabulary, writing, activities, tests, slides, & more! Tons of materials; Great variety; Budget-friendly | Teacher’s Pet Publications indian in the cupboard Indian in the Cupboard lesson plans The Indian in the Cupboard Click the button below to add the The Indian in the Cupboard Lesson Plans Combo Pack to your wish.

The Indian in the Cupboard Novel Study Unit: comprehension, activities, tests Comprehension Activities Reading Activities Common Core Activities Group Study Indian In The Cupboard The Indians Student Teaching Fun Worksheets Assessment.

The Indian in the Cupboard Novel Study from AppleTrees HoneyBees on - (38 pages) - This novel unit contains reading comprehension questions, activities and writing that goes right along with Indian in the Cupboard.

Indian in the cupboard writing activities
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