Integrating the arts into the curriculum essay

Sharpen awareness of motivation and points of view. Changes in art, music, dance, or theater reflect societal changes.

Incorporate those into your lessons. They could also choose another famous art piece. You are giving your students exposure to the arts and some workplace skill development at the same time! There are plays that deal with the signing of the Declaration of Independencethe moral implications of nuclear weapons Copenhagenand even Chaos Theory and entropy Arcadia.

How would the students calculate the height of the tree in inches? Education in art is an invitation to use the reasoning skills of an artist. Take students to see a play that connects to the curriculum Find out about local live theater options that may connect to your curriculum.

Lesson plans like these are all over the Internet. The same can be done with a photograph of a work or art or with a video of dance, especially modern dance or an unfamiliar ballet. Activities such as the following use imagination and analytical abilities in new ways: Stimulate analytical thinking and imaginative interpretation.

Introduce students to artistic works that match your curriculum This works especially well for language arts teachers. Analyze the nature of matter using the arts and physics as sources. How to reach and teach all learners, grades Play an instrumental piece of music, especially classical or jazz, and ask students to write about what the music makes them think about or feel.

Students study the portraits of this person, musical pieces composed for them, stories told about them, and films made in their honor along with textual sources.

This is a strong rationale for making the arts an essential feature of gifted education. Place paintings together that seem particularly suited to this subject and ask children to discuss how artists represent the science of light-its directions, color at different times of the day, its interaction with water and color, etc.

The following activities suggest ways to blend the arts with math and science in such a way that gifted students can examine real-world applications of fundamental concepts and ideas such as distance, color, perspective, proportion.

In small groups, they discuss their artwork and its significance to the story, and what they think will happen by the end. When integrating the arts into the curriculum, teachers can design experiences that are tied to the unique needs, interests, and abilities of gifted students and challenge them to perform more complex and sophisticated tasks.

Is it solid and impenetrable as it appears? Goertz envisions art instruction as the "fourth R" in education and demonstrates how it increases the skills of observation, abstract thinking, and problem analysis.

Silver Whistle Harcourt, Inc. Social Studies Learning Goals Studying history, geography, and other social studies subjects through the arts and vice versa enables gifted students to investigate topics from multiple viewpoints and in more depth.

What precisely do I want my gifted students to learn and how will I know that these activities are stimulating their growth?

ArtsEdge and ArtsWork are two good sources.Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum. Essay by jfennal, University, Master's, A+, December download word file, 3 pages download word file, 3 pages 1 votes5/5(1).

Integrating the arts into the academic curriculum and the academic curriculum into the arts enable gifted children to make unique discoveries and innovations. Because the arts immerse them in the creative process, they can apply their advanced reasoning and problem-solving abilities in new ways.

Integrating the arts across the curriculum is an innovative, yet effective educational process by which students learn through the arts. The program's intent is not to necessarily teach the arts, but to use them within the regular curricula. How the Arts Unlock the Door to Learning.

Until a bold strategy -- integrating the arts into curricula -- helped students embrace their learning and retain their knowledge. Today the faculty, staff, and students of Maryland's Bates Middle School are crafting a whole new vision of school transformation.

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12 Ways to Bring the Arts into Your Classroom

This paper focuses on how the arts integrate into the curriculum and explores the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Visual and Performing Arts Integrating Arts Learning with the Common Core State Standards 7 THE BENEFITS OF INTEGRATING THE ARTS AND COMMON CORE.

With a general concentration on combining art into the curriculum, Art Integration is a general education tool. While art therapy focuses solely on the use of art in relation to verbal exercises. Art Therapy by .

Integrating the arts into the curriculum essay
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