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Everyone from rookies to veterans will find something of value in this book. The book starts off by talking Likeable social media by dave kerpen how to define your target audience and moves into how to communicate with them.

Dave Kerpen

In addition to being relevant information, the book was also enjoyable to read. In MarchKerpen formed an exploratory committee to determine whether to run for the position of borough president of Queens.

I learned some interesting facts about marketing a business and may I won this book from Goodreads. He uses examples from his own business, Likeable Media, to illustrate his points. I learned some interesting facts about marketing a business and maybe even yourself and specifically doing it using the social media online.

If in 15 years Facebook and Twitter have been replaced by something else, this book will still be able to be used as a road map to getting and keeping fans. The examples were interesting because I knew that each one was taken right from Mr. He is not someone sitting on the outside and looking in telling you how it should be done.

I thought it showed imagination and a sense of humor on the part of the author and I now I know my initial reaction was correct. He then wraps things up by talking about incorporating social media into the whole customer experience. Kerpen published his second book, Likeable Business: The bottom line for me is that this book is a must read for anyone in social media.

Kerpen does a great job of addressing these issues such as comments both good and badquestions, and authenticity. Each week couples paired off by electing to share a room, and the odd person out had to leave the hotel, ultimately concluding with one male and one female winner.

That is needed in general today I think. This book is not going to teach you how to use each of the social media sites, but it will give you a bit of an overview of each of the major players.

Following the release Kerpen has expanded his speaking resume including delivering keynotes at dozens of conferences across the globe including Singapore, Athens, Dubai, San Francisco, Cologne, Toronto, Bangkok, and Mexico City. Likeable Local is a platform designed with small business owners in mind to help them succeed.

As Seth Godin said on the back cover of this book, "Dave takes you on a sadly much needed guided tour of how to be human in a digital world".

He is actually in the trenches, doing this kind of work every day.

This book is about social media strategies and uses examples from many of the major social sites. I give it a solid 5 star rating!

It is so interesting and enjoyable, it would not be surprising for someone to sit down and crank it out in an afternoon. Kerpen is trying to do in this book is teach you how to use social media to build relationships and be likeable.

In a way, the titles of the last two chapters do a good job of summing up the book. So inKerpen started Likeable Local on a mission to transform small businesses into a Likeable businesses through the power of social media.

I must admit the title intrigued me. Even better, I think anyone who uses the social networks like Face Book and Twitter just on a personal level can learn a lot about how to be "delightful" to others and "generally amazing" as well. Most recently, Kerpen announced that he is the interim CEO of UMA Healthan online mental health and executive coaching marketplace which connects clients to top providers to help them deal with challenges and become happier, more productive, self-actualized members of society, achieving peak performance in their careers and lives.

The information is fresh, yet it is also timeless. This is a great book, an interesting read and I really enjoyed it. This book is not going to teach you how to use each of the social media sites, b Dave Kerpen is an expert in the field of social media and word of mouth marketing.Likeable Social Media, Revised and Expanded: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Amazing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and More Dave Kerpen out of 5 stars Dave is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author, and global keynote speaker.

He is the Founder and Chairman of Likeable Local, a social media software company serving. Dave Kerpen is the founder and CEO of Likeable Local. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of Likeable Media, and the New York Times-bestselling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable.

Likeable Social Media has 2, ratings and reviews. Tylor said: Dave Kerpen is an expert in the field of social media and word of mouth marketing. H /5. Likeable Local helps businesses manage their social media. Our collaborative platform allows us to do the heavy lifting creating content, scheduling posts, and running your ads while you oversee the work and reap the rewards together.

Dave Kerpen. Customer Of The Month. Testimonials. Join The Team. PLATFORM. For Marketing Agencies. Dave Kerpen is CEO of Likeable Local, a social media software company that’s helped thousands of small businesses, and chairman of Likeable Media, a content-as-a /5(67).

Likeable social media by dave kerpen
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