Main hrm procedures that have contributed to the success of a company essay

The total score of each applicant is then obtained by adding the weights of the individual item responses. Selection is the process of picking up individuals out of the pool of job applicants with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the organisation.

For example, Mitsubishi, Eastman, Federal Bureau of investigation have had in recent years in adapting to upheavals in their environment. The operational efficiency of employees must improve to face the new situation. Such a role was initially performed by Labour Welfare Officer confined only to the welfare activities of the employees.

Selection is now centralised and handled by the human resource department. Some organisations also inform the rejected candidates about their non-selection. In this article, it will separate into three parts, the first part will discuss the main factors contributed the success of Google.

The importance of selection can be judged from the following factors: RecruitmentThe aim of Recruitment is finding a pool of applicant with the abilities desired by the organization.

Essay on Human Resource Management (HRM)

Tests help in better matching of candidate and the job. HRM is of recent origin, so it lacks universally approved academic base. Because of passive attitude at the top, this work is handled by personnel management people. The folowing figure shows a generalised selection process: Using the innovation strategy helps Google maintaining its growth and creating the completive advantages.

However, interviews do have some limitations. Therefore, in order to make Google as a fun place to work, Google were allowed their employees to bring their pets in to the workplace, and were provided free snacks, lunch, dinner and also recreational facilities such as workout gyms, pool table and ping-pong to their employees.

Presently, all these aspects viz recruitment, selection, placement and labour welfare etc. Tests are based on the assumption that individuals differ in their job related traits which can be measured. After the selection decision and before the job offer is made, the candidate is required to undergo physical fitness test.

Selection is bound to be more effective as it is done by specialists trained in staffing techniques. Preliminary interview is a sorting process in which the prospective candidates are given the necessary information about the nature of the job and the organisation.

There is a need to collect, store and retrieve of information before implementing human resource management. Many problems like labour turnover, absenteeism and monotony shall not be experienced in the organization if proper selection is made.

This is because, few departments use standardised questions upon which validation studies can be conducted. Change in Political Philosophy: HRM stresses on the motivation of employees by providing them various financial and non-financial incentives.

As Google becomes a public company after its planned IPO init would be more pressure from investors to increase its profitability and revenues which might force Google to change its organizational culture.

The important external factors affecting selection are supply and demand of specific skills in the labour market, unemployment rate, labour market conditions, legal and political considerations etc. There is a need to develop downward, upward and lateral communication in the organisation.

Such as cont is the same job title. Increased Pressure on Employees: Job offer is made in the form of an appointment letter. In this way, selection is a process by which only desirable candidates are hired and others are denied the opportunities.

Read this essay to learn about Selection of Employees.Human Resource Management Contribution To Organisational Success. Print Reference This focuses on the quality of human resources available to the organisation and their ability to learn and adapt more quickly than their competitors. SHRM can contribute to business success by focussing their efforts on development of people in line with.

Essay on Human Resource Management | HRM

HRM policies and principles contribute to the effectiveness, continuity and stability of the organization.” Human resource is the set of individuals who make up the workforce of an organization. Any successful organization does not owe its success solely to market realities and sustainable competitive advantages.

Human Resource Management and Its Importance for Today’s Organizations Zehra Alakoç Burma, PhD, Edu. by the successful utilization of human resources.

Human resource management is one of The main aim of the human resources management is using the salaried staff in an organization. Google has implemented HRM procedures that have contributed to the success of the company.

Google is a website company that allows visitors to search for. A Discuss The Main Factors That Have Contributed To The Growth Of The Field Of Strategic Hrm. 1. What are the main factors/HRM procedures that have contributed to the success of Google?2.

Describe some of the negative aspects of Google's culture. Essay on the Selection of Employees | HRM.

Essay on the Selection of Employees | HRM

Article shared by: ADVERTISEMENTS: The procedure will be successful if it satisfies the following requirements: (i) There should be sufficient number of applicants from whom the required number of candidates may be selected.

programmes etc. and promote goodwill towards the company. However.

Main hrm procedures that have contributed to the success of a company essay
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