Mongol empire and silk road essay

Small camps simplified herding and reduced the need for nomadic movement, but also much diminished security from rustlers and kidnappers Chinggis and his family had their animals rustled twice, two women-his mother and his wife-raped, and himself kidnapped.

His Life and Times Berkeley, etc.: Silk could be purchased in China at one sum for 20 Genoese pounds; with the 25, gold fl orins of venture capital suggested by Pegolotti, exchanged for linen and then sum at 5: China declined by half. The Yuan dynasty in China collapsed inand the last of the Mongol states, the Golden Horde, would largely be destroyed by the next creator of a great inner Asian empire, Tamerlane.

Before the Mongols unified Inner Asia, its nomads were divided among a plethora of independent, rivalrous tribes and great power client-tribes set against the independents. Though able to read and write, and play musical instruments and chess, they are not highly skilled in any art.

Wardwell, When Silk Mongol empire and silk road essay Gold: Besides these substantial campaigns, the raids on India continued, as did incursions into Eastern Europe. Harvard,three vols. Qubilai entertained at festivals for the New Year and for each of the thirteen lunar months, on assorted "festive occasions," and on birthdays.

I proceeded on my further journey and made my way to Cathay, the realm of the emperor of the Mongols who is called the Great Khan.

We should remember our own Bigfoot and Loch Ness monster as we smile at medieval credulity. In the century, approximately, of Mongol rule in Eurasia, the Silk Road fl ourished as never before. Some of the hustlers are students who failed to achieve any literary distinction.

Others said that it was the result of Mongol ferocity but scholars like Frederick W. A similar picture is described for other parts of the empire at least into the s by another famous traveler, the Moroccan Ibn Battuta.

Mongolian Period of the Silk Road

Their presence in China was particularly influential as it culture-shocked the Chinese and their traditional ways. Porcelain around the World London: However,… Mongol Empire A barbarian decribes a crude person in a primitive state or someone who lacks education or refinement.

The Mongol Empire

As travel by Europeans such as Marco Polo all the way across Asia attests, for a time one can speak of a Pax Mongolica Mongol Peace on the trade routes, even if its benefits were far from uniform.

Policies gradually changed during the rule of Mongke, the Great Khan. They influenced many territories spanning across various terrains. Wealthy Mongols invested in these enterprises, and in the vending of their products, forming commercial associations ortaqs with merchants experienced in transporting over the Silk Road, for instance, but also by sea and exchanging these goods abroad.

Qubilai had four wives and 22 sons by them; daughters not specified, plus a number of concubines and 25 more sons daughters again not counted ; and the birthdays of his other relatives, his great commanders, their wives and children, were doubtless celebrated as well.

For instance, Chinese artillerists or garrison troops to Iran, or Russians to China. Previously, the hazards of travel among nomads, and the barriers to passage through the Muslim states had left the West almost entirely ignorant of the countries and peoples beyond Russia and the Middle East.

The Mongol empire was established in the eastern hemisphere with a foundation basically already built previously. An estimate of about 75 Million people died from the pandemic. The pace of these commercial travels approximated that of Plano Carpini and for his outward journey Rubruck: While they began to join together, the nomadic barbarians from the steppes treated local populations brutally by pillaging and burning cities to the ground.

The Polos traveled to China again in cataking Marco along, hoping, no doubt, to buy such goods at the source and reap the largest share of the profit from importing them into Europe. The result was a mixed blessing. In the Middle East, Mongol task forces, beginning inestablished bases in Azerbaijan, and from them intimidated or forced into vassal status the Trebizondian Byzantines, Anatolian Seljuks and Cilician Armenians, among all of whom Westerners, mostly Italians, had an important commercial presence.

Birthday parties would have been frequent:The Road to Successful Empire Building: The Mongol and Spanish Empire - Geography played a big role in history and made each empire unique in its own way. Geography had positive and negative effects when it comes to location, access to resources, and trade.

The Influence of the Mongol Empire Essay by Sara Gannon. April 13 wrote an essay titled “The Mongols and the Silk Road” which was full with examples of the prosperous times of the Pax Mongolica and the cultural exchanges that took place across the Silk Road. approximately, of Mongol rule in Eurasia, the Silk Road flourished as never.

In the Mongol period the Great Silk Road was dominated by state heirs of Genghis Khan. Golden Horde had been recieving all benefit from the lively trade between China and the Mediterranean. Silk Road DBQ Assessment The Silk Road is a touchstone for world history. It was a rich trans-regional vehicle for the transmission of art, religion, science and disease that also affords a glimpse into the politics and economic systems of the pre-modern world.

The Yuan dynasty in China collapsed inand the last of the Mongol states, the Golden Horde, would largely be destroyed by the next creator of a great inner Asian empire, Tamerlane.

The Influence of the Mongol Empire

Yet for somewhat more than a century, the Mongols had presided over what was arguably the peak period of the overland Silk Road trade. Was The Mongol Empire Good Or Bad History Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, the Silk Road was reopened, allowing a great deal of cultural diffusion between the East and the West.

All of these great things that came out of the Mongol empire shouldn't be over looked when thinking about them. But moreover they are.

Mongol empire and silk road essay
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