Moral issues of abortion

However, in comparison to attitudes toward abortion, differences among religious groups are relatively modest. Other philosophers apply similar criteria, concluding that a fetus lacks a right to life because it lacks brain waves or higher brain function, [60] self-consciousness, [61] rationality, [62] and autonomy.

Muslims typically cite the Quranic verse There are also penalties of jail time if an abortion is induced for any other reason. This pattern holds for nearly all major religious groups.

Abortion Viewed in Moral Terms: Fewer See Stem Cell Research and IVF as Moral Issues

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Mar 8, In a democratic country like the US, where liberation and right to freedom of choice are given the most priority, it is not surprising to witness two different groups of staunch supporters when it comes to the abortion debate.

The issue of abortion presents an ethical, psychological and religious dilemma for women and couples who wish to opt for abortion.

Relatively small percentages of people in all religious groups consider it morally acceptable to have an abortion. The landmark decision Roe v Wade relied on the 14th Amendment, which guarantees that federal rights shall be applied equally to all persons born in the United States.

For example, there are no significant differences in opinion on non-embryonic stem cell research by political party and only modest differences by ideology.

Citing a staggering array of statistics, Henshaw strongly asserts that the "choice" to abort is not always feasible for many women.

Taking the life of another person, barring extreme circumstances, is a grievous sin. Some reject the argument on grounds relating to personal identityholding that the fetus is not the same entity as the adult into which it will develop, and thus that the fetus does not have a "future like ours" in the required sense.

Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are more inclined than their Democratic counterparts to consider such research morally wrong. In the whole abortion argument, most argue about the timing of when a sperm and egg actually form a human.

If the baby is not saved, it will be called an abortion while if the mother is not saved, it will be like killing her knowingly which can be equated to murder. Something similar happened in Turkey between andwhen abortion rates declined by almost half when unreliable forms of birth control for one, the rhythm method were replaced by more modern technologies for example, condoms.

And what in cases of teenage pregnancy? So generally embryos start showing signs of heartbeat development in at least 21 days of conception. OpinionFront Staff Last Updated: Such appeals can generate confusion if the type of rights is not specified whether civilnaturalor otherwise or if it is simply assumed that the right appealed to takes precedence over all other competing rights an example of begging the question.

This right is guaranteed by the ninth amendment, which contains the right to privacy.

Philosophy and the moral issue of abortion

If the mother has some complications during childbirth, should the doctor save the mother or the baby? Regarding abortion lawthe political debate usually surrounds a right to privacyand when or how a government may regulate abortion[ citation needed ]. The use of the term "baby" to describe the unborn human organism is seen by some scholars as part of an effort to assign the organism agency.

Who were these immaculately conceiving parthenogenetic Marys? Most religious foundations have been the forerunners of opposition to abortion claiming that taking the life of an unborn baby is wrong.

In debates on abortion, it is always wise to be unbiased as only that can help you arrive at a better position to conclude anything. This bill passed the House of Commons but was defeated by a tie vote in the Senate. This means that it is also punishable by jail time.

Some pro-choice advocates argue that it should be illegal for governments to regulate abortion any more than other medical practices.Mar 19,  · The individual or personal ethics question — on the moral acceptability of abortion — is not likely to generate a public consensus, given the current.

Admittedly, deeply divisive moral issues are involved. Abortion does end a human life, so it should not be done without grave consideration for what is at stake, as we do with capital punishment.

The abortion debate is the ongoing controversy surrounding the moral, legal, and religious status of induced abortion.

Abortion - a Moral Issue

The sides involved in the debate are the self-described “ pro-choice ”. Moral Issues of Abortion Crystal Lamb Soc. Tracy Green October 22, Moral Issues 1 Abortion is a volatile subject and one that most people feel passionate about. The issue of abortion hinges on the question of personhood.

Nearly everyone believes that persons have a special moral status: Taking the life of another person, barring extreme circumstances, is.

Abortion debate

Some of those moral issues have become a global issue yielding to a hotly contested debate between for and against personality (Kaczor, ). One such moral issue is abortion. This paper establishes the reasons for and against abortion and finally taking a stand on the concept.

Moral issues of abortion
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