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Those families were sad and they went bankrupt because of the amount of money they spent on treating their loved ones illness, while they were sick in the hospital.

Cigarette smoking has been part of our lives for many decades now. You can also track the progress of your order via your account page. Smoking can cause damage to the respiratory system and circulatory system. A person, who smokes on a regular basis, spends a majority of his money on buying cigarettes.

But the negative aspect of smoking outweighs the positive. The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal because it creates many health problems such as- cancer, chronic coughing, asthma, it is a waste of money and because of passive smoking.

This definitely has an impact on the way a person thinks about smoking, and more often, leads people to begin smoking.

Young adults like all smokers must be informed that no cigarettes are good for health. They support their family through this business. For exampleair pollution is one of the causes that would definitely affect the environment.

Overall, I think the world would be a better place without cigarettes. Because of smoking more than 5 million people dies every year and it will cause 8 million deaths annually by the year Among the many effects of tobacco on the body, includes the ability to be addictive and cause numerous cases of cancer.

Like most drugs, it would become harder to obtain and more difficult to smoke. We offer services for all students from high school to post-graduate level. Though the illegalization of cigarettes is clearly a good approach, it has some serious negative effects on the whole community.

What these people do not realize is that it is a free public space and they are affecting everyone around them. Non-smokers do not like to breathe polluted air; they feel annoyed when someone around them smokes.

Smoking Should Be Made Illegal

Do you cover all subjects? I feel that the sale of tobacco should be made illegal, mostly because it directly resembles a drug.

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The tobacco industry also employs tens of thousands of people throughout the world, particularly in poorer countries. Do you do research proposals? When children breathe in cigarette smoke, they have an increased risk for childhood illnesses such as asthma and ear infections.

Donald, This promising approach to stop the production and sale of cigarettes can actually help other people or the general people to lead a good life and help the society to be developed.

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We employ approximately writers who have all sorts of qualifications, and our company is constantly expanding. Ravenhotl, Every year overAmericans are dying from smoking related diseases.

It might help for a short period of time. The user of the cigarette may also receive yellowing and rotting of teeth and a bad smell and appearance in the hair and skin. Donald, The smokers do realize about the problems of smoking but still they keep on smoking.

Contraband tobacco on post-secondary campuses in Ontario, Canada:Smoking/ Tobacco Should Be Illegal term paper Smoking term papers Disclaimer: Free essays on Smoking posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. "Smoking Should Be Made Illegal" Essays and Research Papers Smoking Should Be Made Illegal Kelvin Omogbeme CIGARETTE SMOKING SHOULD BE BANNED IN.

SHOULD CIGARETTE SMOKING BE BANNED? Essay sample by my essay writing com. Introduction. Cigarette, a long cylindrical roll of tobacco has been smoked by men for centuries.

However, due to the fact that it has been the cause of several debilitating diseases, there have long been calls for it to be banned. Access to overcomplete essays and term papers; Essays Related to Smoking - Should Tobacco Smoking Be Banned?

Production and Sale of Cigarettes Should Be Made Illegal

1. smoking be ban? Smoking should be illegal. Another reason cigarettes should be banned is if you think of how many diseases cigarettes cause.


The biggest reason cigarettes should be banned /5(16). Kelvin Omogbeme CIGARETTE SMOKING SHOULD BE BANNED IN THE SAME WAY AS OTHER ILLEGAL DRUGS Tobacco is one of the most widely used drugs in the world, mainly in the form of a cigarette. Although most countries have tried to restrict the use of tobacco, people still smoke everyday despite the fact that it is poisonous and harmful.

These 4, deadly chemicals are more than enough evidence to make cigarettes illegal. The most addicting chemical is nicotine. Essays Related to Cigarettes Illegal.

The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal Essay Sample

1. There are many debates to whether cigarette smoking should be kept legal or made illegal. Taking a closer look at the effects that cigarette smoking can have will help /5(3).

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