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FDI and economic growth relationship: Moreover, the study suggests that better domestic conditions not only attract FDI but also helps in maximising the benefits of foreign direct investment. Kyklos, 62 2 Multiple Regression Analysis The study conducts multiple regression analysis to determine the relationship between foreign direct investment and economic growth in Pakistan.

The results of the study reveal that FDI has a positive impact on the economic growth of Pakistan. According to the equation, by taking all the factors i. The findings clearly indicate that there is rising and falling trend in the values of interest rate over the past 25 years.

The study analysis time Study of fdi data over the period of to for the following variables; Foreign Direct Investment FDIinflation rates, exchange rates and interest rates. The color of money: What Drives Economic Growth? Do domestic firms benefit from direct foreign investment? The findings of the data reveal that a unit increase in foreign direct investment FDI will lead to 3.

For instance, Aitken and Harrison states that the net impact of foreign direct impact on the host country is very small.


He further states that these resources have the potential to speed up the economic growth of the host country and the most notable thing is that these resources can only be transferred to the host country through FDI. Model Specification To determine the relationship between foreign direct investment and economic growth in Pakistan, the study conducts multilinear regression analysis among the variables.

Does foreign direct investment always enhance economic Study of fdi FDI, openness and income. Interest Rate The findings on the interest rate nominal values are shown in the Table 1 above and Figure 5 below: Interest rate The findings presented in the above Table 1 and Figure 5 indicate the trend of interest rate values over the period of Many international institutions, politicians and economists consider Foreign Direct Investment as a major tool of the economic growth of a country as well as the solution of economic issues.

The summary of the statistics of all variables is given below in Table 1. The findings of the study are presented in the tables below.

Foreign direct investment and growth in EP and IS countries. Model Summary The four independent variables FDI, inflation rate, exchange rate, interest rate that were studied, indicate Beside capital FDI brings several more benefits in the host country like employment, management resources, modern technology and competitive goods.

A higher level of saving and investment is required to increase capital formation in developing countries but the developing countries like Pakistan lack the desired amount of domestic savings.

The higher value of standard deviation indicates that there is a variation over the yearly values of foreign direct investment.

A large number of studies have been conducted so far to find out the effects of FDI on the economy but there is no consensus. Foreign Direct investment plays a major role in the economic expansion when there is a shortage of domestic savings. Carkovic and Levine states that FDI is given a lot of importance by many governments, particularly the governments of developing countries treat FDI in a very special way.Proksch “Promoting FDI for Development”, UNESCAP M., Proksch “Promoting and Attracting FDI for Development: Key Messages and Areas for Technical Assistance”, UNESCAP H., Qaqaya., “The role of competition policy in mobilizing investment and competitiveness”, UNCTAD Myanmar Investment Policy, Directorate of Investment and Company.

FDI and Economic Growth – A Case Study of India. Dr. Rajender Kumar.

Foreign Direct Investment – the China story

AbstractThis study examines the role of FDI on economic growth in India for the period In order to study the. This paper studies the determinants of location choice by foreign investors in France using a sample of almost foreign investments over 10 years and 92 locations.

The report is a new study comparing regulation of inbound foreign direct investment across four topics for 87 countries. It presents indicators only on countries’ laws, regulations, and practices affecting how foreign companies invest across sectors, start businesses, access industrial land, and arbitrate commercial disputes.

countries, FDI clusters in the larger cities with FDI inflows to the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City regions amounting to an approximate average of.

An Analytical Study of FDI in India () Abhishek Vijaykumar Vyas MBA – International Business, Sinhgad Institute of Technology and Science (SITS), Pune, Maharashtra, India Abstract- Foreign Direct investment plays a very important role in the .

Study of fdi
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