The five traps of performance management

Everyone wants in on the trade secrets and shortcuts to making their teams more efficient and increasing organizational productivity.

In addition, particular state legal doctrines may render such agreements unenforceable if The five traps of performance management company is not careful. This may include evaluating whether the agreements are reasonably tailored to the business and employees, whether the employees actually sign the agreements and whether the company retains signed versionsand whether employees are reminded of their obligations upon departure.

In Massachusetts, for example, the release must specifically refer to the Massachusetts Payment of Wages Act in order for claims under that law to be released.

HP Slashing Up to 33, Workers The laws governing hours of work and payment of wages have become a leading source of employee claims. Goals without a solid foundation stretch on forever, dragging your morale down with them.

Keeping yourself healthy, happy, and productive will allow you to cascade the same attributes throughout the teams you manage and work on. Once all medical leave is exhausted, the company needs to evaluate whether it must provide some additional time off as a reasonable accommodation to a disability under federal or state disability discrimination laws.

Failure to see the big picture — There must be a reason why you work. If the required language is not included, then no enforceable release is obtained. So here are five common traps that keep us from being as productive as we should be: This also is an area of strong government enforcement at both the federal and state levels.

The consequence of doing so may be that separating employees could accept the offered severance pay and still sue the company for age discrimination. Using your head rather than a trusted system — Depending on your memory to manage your tasks will lead to missed deadlines and frustrated bosses.

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Misclassification can result in liability and penalties for failure to provide employee benefits and pay overtime, FICA, and FUTA contributions, unemployment insurance payments, and workers compensation insurance premiums.

The best leaders are self-aware and work to constantly streamline and perfect their own performance management. But, what most people really need to do is to take a step back and take a look at how they are managing their own productivity. Using Independent Contractors Claims by individual contractors alleging that they were misclassified and should have been treated as employees are now very common.

5 Traps of Personal Productivity Management

Additionally, know how and when to celebrate your victories. But CFOs of growth companies may need to be responsible for evaluating whether the company is taking the steps to ensure that, if necessary, restrictive employee contracts will be enforced by courts to the greatest possible extent.

But the company may have satellite offices or individual employees in different states and cities that have stricter laws. Mandatory meal breaks, days of rest, compensable travel time, and city-mandated minimum wages are other examples where state and local laws may differ.

As an experienced HR professional you know the importance of truly effective performance conversations.

Five Employment Law Traps for CFOs

Similarly, some states have very specific requirements for employee-release agreements. Many small companies have form or template separation agreements that are not current or were drafted for different sized companies or for very specific types of separations.

Even making small adjustments to your day-to-day workflow can make a huge difference in your efficiency and time management. Simply need a strategy design tool? No doodles on your calendar. Yet, many managers feel uncomfortable discussing performance and often fall into predictable traps!

Setting inadequate goals — A great goal, or a SMART oneis specific, measurable, and attainable, has assigned responsibility and has a due date.

CFOs who pay close attention to these five employment issues will minimize the risk of unnecessary and costly legal consequences.

The five traps of performance measurement

But using a one-size-fits-all separation agreement may result in paying an employee severance pay and not getting an enforceable release of all legal claims in return. Companies also sometimes use generic releases for group reductions in force, or RIFs, that are not compliant with the very specific requirements for enforceable releases under federal age-discrimination laws.

This is NOT your average Webinar. Rewarding yourself, even in small ways, can keep you internally motivated. This session will prepare you to help your managers by understanding techniques for avoiding the 5 traps of performance management.View THE FIVE TRAPS OF PERFORMANCE from MARKETING at Fore School Of Management.

THE FIVE TRAPS OF PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT - Sir Andrew Likierman PERFORMANCE Output results and. Yet, many managers feel uncomfortable discussing performance and often fall into predictable traps!

This session will prepare you to help your managers by understanding techniques for avoiding the 5 traps of performance management.

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Academic mi-centre.comon: Regent's Park, London, NW1 4SA. The Five Traps Of Performance Management Performance Management Performance Management Performance Management – The means through which managers ensure that employees’ activities and outputs are congruent with the organization’s goals.

View Essay - The Five Traps of Performance Measurement from BUSINESS M MGT at Hampton University. Fareed Hester 4/25/16 MGT am The. The Five Traps of Performance Measurement.

forward-looking measures that will help them avoid five common traps: the vice president of talent management for Avon Products, was trying to.

The five traps of performance management
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