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Weapons, arms or armament, is any device used so as to cause harm or injury to living beings, organizations or systems. Manning, Chelsea The denial for justice for transgender community is still not obvious to fellow citizens, despite their rampant systematic discrimination.

Madar, C The information released by four individuals namely: Essay UK - http: The hacker Adrian Lamo argued that the information belong with the community. The writer tries not to take sides or out right seem bias towards one particular side.

This act also made it so that the radio airwaves were a public resource. Radio just like print media tends to stay away from profanity and over sexual connotations.

In Zimbabwe we have the VMCZ; this board is independent and was established in by journalists, the Alpha Media Holdings AMH newspaper chain appointed an in-house office of the ombudsman in and the Zimbabwe Media Council a statutory organ of the Zimbabwe Media Commission was again set up in ; which was formed under statutory law and deals with the state owned newspapers that fall under the Zimbabwe Mass Media Trust ZMMT.

Once the state becomes the centre of control, it will not work in a system where journalists are trying to steer clear from the interference of the government. They should eradicate discrimination, corruption and injustice.

They seem dedicated to ensuring that the people who are the public are catered for. Print media usually has a fee, whereas, radio is free to the public. We should be accepted by the people we live as their equals and not be discriminated.

It should be used to enhance security in the State, unlike the recent cases, where it has been used to manhunt the black community. Broadcasting became more and more popular. Natural monopolies in wired carriers, which are monopolies approved by the FCC, keep costs down and prevent a cluttering of wiring in the air or ripping up streets to install underground wiring.

This code became known as the Morse Code. The airwaves started to become too crowded and the U. The paper will outline the merits of the self-regulatory system first. They are most likely to think, read and talk more about the rules and regulations of their profession.

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These professionals will fall directly under the board, which is there to ensure that the media is run in the most efficient way possible. The public should be given the mandate to decide what is good for them and choose ways in which the information is beneficial to them.

Now the FCC has expanded its regulations to include new communication technologies such as: One does not just get fired or imprisoned after committing a petty crime or failing to observe a code of conduct. This was the first time a message had been transferred other then print or word of mouth.

The public has to get value for money as they purchase the various newspapers available to them on the market. The VMCZ is clear in their policies that they want to protect the reputation of the media profession. The beginning of regulation began with the start of large scale communication, other then print, in when Samuel Morse proved a signal that could transmitted a message by wire.

The press stands the chance of surviving well, and flourishing under a self-regulatory body.

Regulation in Mass Media

Print is regulated more when dealing with news print; for example the newspaper. But thanks to their courage, the public finally saw for themselves the war crimes, corruption, mass surveillance and abuses of power of world governments.

Most print media would not use profanity or any kind of naked pictures. Broadcast media like radio have different kinds of regulations.

It has been obvious due to several demonstrations which are taken to the streets, after several murder cases on unarmed people of color conducted by a white police officers. They are discriminated and denied the sense of belonging.

Though this might be true, unless there is regulation by the government this idea of natural monopoly would be horrible. The fact that newspaper companies are not forced to be a part of VMCZ is a great disadvantage.

The telegraph created the umbrella of commerce, which was the first time the government intervened with communications.Media Needs to Have Self-Regulation Essay It is evident that there are some very successful regulations because there are rating on movies and video games, and the fact that there is a lack of mature content on television channels labeled “children’s” channels and during times when there may be more children watching other “regular” channels.

The Media Needs Regulation Essays Words | 7 Pages The Media Needs Regulation The death of Princess Diana on August 31, shocked the world; her death was considered the biggest tragedy of the year, and the media responded accordingly. Media Needs to Have Self-Regulation It is evident that there are some very successful regulations because there are rating on movies and video games, and the fact that there is a lack of mature content on television channels labeled “children’s” channels and during times when there may be more children watching other “regular” channels.

ESSAYS ON REGULATION OF MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT, AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS by Peter Charles DiCola A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of. Finally, this essay will draw on the historical evolutions of the communications industries and discuss the approaches taken to regulate each media, the issues surrounding regulations as well as the usefulness and relevance of such regulation.

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The media needs regulation essay
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