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When the telecommunications industry was at its infancy, local partners were not confident in partnering with operators as they lacked the technical knowledge and ability. The procurement policies sets out our approach to ensuring we procure quality goods, services and work at the best price in an open and transparent manner.

Mobile technology has become a vital tool for improving livelihoods and quality of life. The Limit of Authority and Procurement Policies of each OpCo and the Axiata Corporate Centre set the framework and guidelines for procurement practices and compliance issues.

The retail and distribution networks in each of these countries form the backbone of our business and our retail network is vital to our long-term success, and we work hard to continually expand our retail operations to allow us to reach a wider and increasingly diverse customer base.

As a result Dialog Value chain celcom into a new mechanism Value chain celcom reach the unreached in a sustainable manner and to realise inclusive businesses.

Cultural norms and traditional gender gaps make it challenging to recruit female retailers. Most services applicable for lower segments of the society are either underutilised or not used at all due to lack of awareness, low e-readiness or unavailability of guidance on the ground level.

The Group Procurement policy serves as a guide for us in reviewing and streamlining our procurement policies and processes at each OpCo.

These activities have led to tangible economic gains for the members of many communities in which we operate. Dialog launched the 5 Star Partner training programme to create a rural network of male and female information intermediaries; retailers who are trained to drive penetration of mobile and value-added services among the remaining under-served.

The Supplier Code of Conduct has been established and communicated to vendors to provide a clear summary of our expectations from the supplier s in all procurement dealings. With the programme, women are able to have flexible training schedules to attend to their family and household needs.

3 steps before trading up:

Training empowers retailers in decision making, and enhances their business acumen. We ensure that there is no conflict of interest in our procurement practices. By extending the coverage of our network and building our customer base, we aim to improve the socio-economic conditions of communities in these countries.

Over the last 16 years, Robi has managed to raise the competency of these local business partners to the level of international standards, ensuring quality products and services are procured locally in a cost-effective, efficient and ethical manner.

The Supplier Code of Conduct includes clauses on ethical business practices, timely delivery, best practices in labour management and adherence to human rights of workers.

Data based on figures estimated for These documents are clearly defined, regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that the principles of sustainable procurement are adhered to.

A network of Dialog infomediaries information intermediaries named 5 Star Partners were developed in various parts of Sri Lanka, who then acts as the interface between the company and the community in the last mile.

Local Vendor Development Axiata operates a local purchasing programme, prioritising local vendors in support of the local economy. Recently, mobile operators are recognising that women play an important role to attract, influence and retain customers. Dialog - Creating a Rural Network of Specially Trained Retailers For a mobile operator, reaching all segments of the socio-economic pyramid through the conventional distribution channels is nearly impossible.

Supplier Code of Conduct As a Group, we are strongly committed in ensuring highest ethical standards in our business activities. Robi took the initiative and provided them access to costly tools as well as hands-on training for local suppliers, which included physical demonstration and audio-visual presentations for installation and commissioning procedures.Celcom’s Customer Experience Management In Celcom, Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a strategic function which envisions, designs and embeds customer centricity through CE infusion into culture, frameworks and measurements within the organisation.

Trade-in with Celcom.

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). ).3 Value chain analysis Every organization. develop and build their employees (DiGi annual report. ). The analysis of these activities is crucial because it is the cornerstone of competitive advantage and enables an organization to determine the costs and value that come out from each of its value activities (Henry.

in the value chain 2. understand the dynamics of value chain fluctuations 3. think carefully about the role of vertical collaborative relationships 4.

information and logistics speed. Source: Celcom Anxista Bhd, ; DiGi, ; Maxis Bhd, Table 1: Comparison of Maxis, Celcom and DiGi price plan for iPhone 5S Innovation DiGi has a good track record in product innovations.

Celcom has also adopted best practices and industry benchmarking in line with internal procurement standards. In fact, Celcom's efforts were recognised with the Asian Supply Chain Excellence Award's Collaborative Supply Chain Special Award from the International Institute for Advanced Purchasing & Supply (IIAPS).

Value chain celcom
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